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Families created through Reproductive Technologies [Embryo Transfer, Sperm or Egg Donation, Gestational Carrier, Surrogacy], Same-Sex Families, and Blended Families require careful and considered thought. These families are created with the assistance of another person(s). We will ask the questions to help you consider everyone’s needs.

We know that children have questions about their origins and we have seen, primarily through our Adoption experiences, that secrecy never serves the child and family well. We will encourage you to openly discuss the options of how you become parents, having some clear sense and possibility of contact with the other person who provided you with the means of becoming a parent and helping you and your child[ren] navigate the challenges of being part of your unique family.

Real life examples

We consulted with two women in their late twenties who recently got married after having lived together for the past three years. They hope to have a child together. Both work in the medical field so the idea of insemination doesn’t worry them. However, they had not really thought at all about the implications for a child of being conceived through the sperm of someone who is not raising the child. They had thought about asking a male friend if he would...

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Many employment benefit packages include services from a Registered Social Worker. Check your benefit package.

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