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Coping With Illness Program

About Us

We are three clinical social workers who have consulted with and worked with each other for many years. We have sat on committees together; we have consulted to governments regarding policy, legislation and regulations; we have run practices and agencies serving individuals, couples, families and groups.

Each one of us has a Master of Social Work degree and is a Registered Social Worker. Each one has presented at various conferences, workshops and seminars in addition to teaching at universities, colleges and hospitals. We began our work together in the field of Adoption and Child Welfare. Over the years, we each developed specialties as we continued to serve individuals and families throughout their lives.

Our recent collaboration came about when we discovered that all three of us were passionate in wanting to provide much needed services to Seniors. We are providing comprehensive assessments, protocols and recommendations to Seniors and Their Families in relation to a great variety of services, including Co-Housing Solutions, other living arrangements as well as communication and ongoing support.

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