Services for Seniors

Comprehensive psychosocial assessment of seniors’ needs resulting in recommendations for a safe, dignified future that emphasizes autonomy. We work with the senior and family to provide strategies.

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    Real life examples

    Steve, age 62, Barb, age 60 and Sheila, 56, contacted Milestones and Transitions in regard to their 86 year old widowed father who was suffering from mild dementia / cognitive impairment. Their recently deceased mother had been caring for their father and had been managing their household and financial affairs. Although...

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    Social work gerontology professionals work closely with aging adults, their families, health care organizations, and companies that cater to older adults to serve these changing needs.

    This important work often consists of connecting older adults with the right resources, community services, and technologies. It also may involve consulting with an aging adult’s family members to develop long-term health care plans and payment strategies.

    With older adults experiencing varying levels of health over the final decades of their lives, professionals must be adept at understanding how people age, so they can recognize and address problems early.

    Gerontological social workers pay attention to big picture issues and understand that there is a correlation between how people age and their race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

    – REF: Simmons School of Social Work


    At Milestones & Transitions, we do not accept or give any referral fees or bonuses. If we recommend or refer to a particular professional, facility or service, you may rest assured that referral is based solely on our assessment of your needs.

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