Services for Seniors

Steve, age 62, Barb, age 60 and Sheila, 56, contacted Milestones and Transitions in regard to their 86 year old widowed father who was suffering from mild dementia / cognitive impairment. Their recently deceased mother had been caring for their father and had been managing their household and financial affairs. Although… [CONTINUED] she had been in good health, she suffered a massive stroke 6 weeks ago and died 3 weeks after that. They feel their father is unable to live alone and during the past three weeks, someone [one of them, their children and even a family friend] has been staying over at the father’s apartment to keep him company at night and to give him breakfast each morning. One or another of the family members is also going over intermittently during the day to give father lunch and dinner. This is not a sustainable arrangement [everyone had their own jobs and responsibilities] and they are looking for answers in how to best help their father.

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