Loss, Grief and Bereavement Program

Individual sessions / consultation for those who have suffered a loss [death, illness, job, divorce, anticipatory loss, etc.] We provide support and insight as we walk this journey with you. We also recognize the profound grief that some suffer as a result of losing a beloved pet.

Real life examples

Recently, we worked with an 87 year old widower who three months previously had lost his wife of 62 years. They had had a satisfying marriage. The widower’s daughter made the initial call. She felt her father was ‘lost , lonely and very sad and she felt he needed support from someone other than her and her siblings. Although the gentleman had never been in a therapy or counseling situation before, he decided, after our first appointment, that he wanted to work with us. We met for approximately ten times over the next six months. He needed the therapist to...

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Your grief is as personal and unique as your fingerprint; no one else will have the same bereavement experience as you and there is not one ‘correct’ way to respond to loss.
– Therese Rando, Ph D, Clinical Psychologist

Our Services

Many employment benefit packages include services from a Registered Social Worker. Check your benefit package.

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