About Us

We are three clinical social workers who have consulted and worked with each other for many years. We have sat on committees together; we have consulted to governments regarding policy, legislation, and regulations; we have run practices and agencies serving individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Each one of us has a Master of Social Work degree and is a Registered Social Worker. Each one has presented at various conferences, workshops, and seminars in addition to teaching at universities, colleges, and hospitals. We began our work together in the field of Adoption and Child Welfare. Over the years, we each developed specialties as we continued to serve individuals and families throughout their lives.

This recent collaboration came about when we discovered that all three of us were passionate in wanting to provide much-needed services to Seniors. We are providing comprehensive assessments, protocols, and recommendations to Seniors and Their Families concerning a great variety of services, including Co-Housing Solutions, other living arrangements as well as communication and ongoing support.

Our Head Office is in Toronto, Canada with satellite offices in Barrie and Uxbridge, Ontario.  No matter where you are, we are available to you using electronic / video means of communication, such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  All you need is wifi and access to a computer. In today’s world, family members often live far away from each other and we understand the challenges  this can cause.   Our services are available wherever English is spoken.

Patricia Fenton, MSW, RSW, was one of the Founders of the Adoption Council of Ontario and served as its first Executive Director. Later she joined the Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth Services and worked as an Adoption Officer and then as Co-ordinator of Private and International Adoption. In addition to her professional work in Adoption, Pat is herself an adoptive mother and also a birth grandparent. With her husband and daughters, she is part of a large extended family that includes her daughter’s birth family as well as her birth grandson’s adoptive family. This large extended family includes and welcomes, with love and respect, other grandparents and various other family members.

At Milestones & Transitions, Pat specializes in Adoption Services: consultation, homestudies, working with birth parents, and post placement services and support. She coordinates Families in Adoption, one of Toronto’s longest running support groups for adoptive families. She and her husband, Dr. Aaron Fenton, established the Adoption & Permanency Research Fund at the University of Toronto Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work. This three-year project is designed to evaluate and determine the most effective post adoption supports for adopted children and their families. In her social work practice, Pat has worked with individuals, couples and families as they face many of life’s challenges, and is able to apply her insights and expertise across the range of services we offer.

Michaele-Sue Goldblatt, MSW, RSW, CPCA, began her professional career in Child Welfare, working in Foster Care and Adoption, including extensive consulting services in International Adoption. She has consulted to the Funeral Industry and continues to work with people in regard to Loss, Grief and Bereavement. She works with clients facing Relationship Transitions, such as Marriage, Separation, Divorce and Blending Families. She has worked with Seniors and their Families over the past number of years and is now focusing, with her two colleagues, on Assessment, Consultation and Planning With and For Seniors. Michaele-Sue is also a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA). Following the SARS crisis in Toronto, Canada, she completed a Disaster and Emergency Management Program at the University of Toronto and received certification.

In addition to her professional experience in working with families with a family member with dementia, Michaele-Sue has walked that painful and difficult journey as a daughter.

Betty Ann Streeter, MSW, RSW, an Approved Adoption Practitioner continues to offer expert social work service to individuals at any point along the adoption journey. At any one time, the adoption journey can be accompanied by separation and loss, coming together to meet the needs of all members, with a particular emphasis on children and reconnecting to embrace inclusive relationships. The experience of children transitioning to a new adoptive or blended family and the parenting challenges so presented are particular interests. Betty Ann was able to utilize her skill in providing service to people in transition in her role as supervisor of a program offering social work services to newcomers to Toronto. This program serviced individuals of various ages who were undergoing significant changes in their lives. Betty Ann has also taught at college and university levels and is a Patient Teacher at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, ON.

A proud survivor of breast cancer, Betty Ann expresses profound gratitude for the team of medical professionals involved in her treatment and to a social work professional who “made all the difference” at this unique time in her life.

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