Legals and Other Paperwork Program

We raise and address the issues that need to be faced and handled regarding making and revising Wills, Guardianship Plans, Powers of Attorney [Property and Personal Care], Openness Agreements and more. We emphasize the importance of Financial Planning and Insurance needs and Legal documents as part of a comprehensive plan. We work with you to address the complexities of your particular situation and then, with you and your lawyer, financial advisor, insurance broker and other professionals and resources, so that you and your family have the best strategies and protection that provides for your future.

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At Milestones & Transitions, we do not accept or give any referral fees or bonuses. If we recommend or refer to a particular professional, facility or service, you may rest assured that referral is based solely on our assessment of your needs.

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Many employment benefit packages include services from a Registered Social Worker. Check your benefit package.

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