Communication and Conflict Program

We create a safe environment in which strong and uncomfortable emotions can be expressed and contained to enable family members to communicate more openly and productively with each other. This service would be valuable for expression and resolution for families experiencing transitions and/ or conflict. In our experience, blended families and families facing the challenges of planning for seniors have found this program to be invaluable.

We also work with separating and divorcing couples, ideally before they are ‘battling it out in court’ to help them find solutions together that will work for them and their children. Both parties need to formally request service from us and we further require a Letter of Understanding signed by them and their lawyers, if lawyers have already been retained.

Real life examples

We recently met with a man who has one daughter from a previous marriage and his fiancée who has one son and one daughter from a previous marriage. Both adults have shared parenting arrangements with their former spouses. The man and his former wife found Divorce Mediation three years ago to be exceptionally helpful and positive and he suggested to his fiancée that he wanted to ‘do this right’ too. He initiated the call to us. As a result, we have...

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Families often enter family counselling because they have an immediate problem that’s creating stress and conflict within the family. A social worker’s first objective is to help families understand and solve the issue. If trouble in the parents’ marriage is causing discord throughout the family, the social worker will help the couple address their issues with each other so they can work as a team.

– Ref: Ellie Williams, social worker and author


At Milestones & Transitions, we do not accept or give any referral fees or bonuses. If we recommend or refer to a particular professional, facility or service, you may rest assured that referral is based solely on our assessment of your needs.

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Many employment benefit packages include services from a Registered Social Worker. Check your benefit package.

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