Electronic Options In Providing Counselling And Therapy

I so welcome being able to offer my clients the option of providing service to them virtually. Initial resistance to getting used to meeting virtually as opposed to in person, once the initial process of connecting was mastered, gave way to an appreciation of the the convenience, the flexibility, the increased availability, and the saving in time and transportation costs.

Once settled in the virtual meeting room, it felt like focus could be easily maintained because we were looking primarily at each other on screen and and not being distracted by objects the room. Both my clients and I have experienced an even richer exchange in meeting virtually. I do not feel that much has been missed by not being able to observe the non verbal communication expressed in body movement, etc.

There are some circumstances in which face to face meeting may be more conducive to achieving treatment goals. This is frequently the case in working with children or while observing interaction between family members including children.

I am a social worker who has spent several decades working in the field of adoption. In recognition of adoption as a lifelong journey, I work with individuals and families at any point in their journey from preparing to become adoptive parents, to fulfilling the special role assignments inherent in parenting by adoption, to assisting adopted adolescents achieve their full integrated identity as an adopted person to working with parties to an adoption who are exploring the possibility of adoption reunion. Parties to an adoption may be living very far apart but the ability to serve them irrespective of physical location is a huge gift to my work in adoption.

By Betty Ann Streeter, MSW, RSW
July 10, 2020

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