Communication and Conflict

We recently met with a man who has one daughter from a previous marriage and his fiancée who has one son and one daughter from a previous marriage. Both adults have shared parenting arrangements with their former spouses. The man and his former wife found Divorce Mediation three years ago to be exceptionally helpful and positive and he suggested to his fiancée that he wanted to ‘do this right’ too. He initiated the call to us. As a result, we have … [CONTINUED] met with 7 adults [each former spouse has a new partner too] to find common ground. In this instance, all adults were committed to making things work for their children [5 in total]. We had a series of meetings with all of the adults [not all at the same time] and were able to help them all work in a ‘let’s be positive’ frame of mind to the benefit of all five children and their families and extended families as well. [Grandparents have opinions too!] Some of the matters that were identified as problematic were: expectations of roles and responsibilities, differences in parenting philosophies and styles, divided loyalties, communication with schools and physicians, relationships with grandparents and other extended family members.

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